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Layout Width

Select "Fixed" if you want the layout width to remain the same regardless of the browser window or "Flexible" if you want the layout width to adjust automatically to the browser window.

Horizontal Alignment

Specify the horizontal alignment of your layout - left, center or right.

Header / Footer Stretch

Select "Yes" if you want your header and footer to be resized based on the browser width.

Font Size

Select "Resizable" if you want to allow your users to change the font size in the browser or "Pixels" if not.

PHP Website Contact Form

A php contact form will keep your email address hidden from spammers. Please note that this feature requires a hosting service that supports PHP.

Custom web fonts

Chose a font replacement technique if you want to use non-web based fonts on your website.

Commented HTML

Well-commented HTML makes it easier for others to follow and adapt the programming code of your website.

SEO Semantic Coding

SEO semantic coding is a way of writing your code so that it is more easily and accurately read by the search engines.

Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility refers to the ability for your website to display and function correctly in different web browsers.

Load Speed Optimisation

Load speed optimisation refers to displaying the contents and images of your website quickly and efficiently using techniques such as image optimisation, valid code and a tableless framework.

Browser Specific Hacks

Select this option if you wish to disable the IE image toolbar or disable the right mouse button of your users.

CSS drop down menu

Select this option if your design requires CSS drop down menu.


Favicon is a small website icon that is displayed in the browser's location bar and bookmark menu.

JavaScript slideshow

Select this option if your design requires JavaScript slideshows or image galleries

Upload your artwork

If you have multiple files to upload, please compress all files into a .zip file before uploading.

Download URL

Please send us a download link to your file.